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Our basic expectation is that it is just that
products can be placed on our shelves and at home, which we would also place on the family table.
 Another key aspect is maintaining our excellent value for money.

The history of our company

You are always at home with us! “

THE beginnings – London & Dublin

The history of our company dates back to the summer of 2006. At this time, we decided after a few years of work in England that it would be worth opening a shop offering Hungarian products in the northern part of London, Haringey. At first, we operated as a shop and bakery, and after a couple of years of operation, “listening” to the needs of our customers, the bakery was increasingly shifted to the store.
Later, our floor area doubled, and today’s look was created. In the same year, our business opened in Dublin, where we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our opening. The two stores initially traveled on separate roads, combining our purchasing, shipping routes and standardizing our product range in the early 2010s, paying close attention to local features and customer needs.

Bristol & NotTingham

The company has taken over a Hungarian shop in Bristol in 2012, and in 2013 in Notthingham. Over the years, however, it has been proven that we are best able to serve customer needs if we do not only supply goods but also operations, so we do all the daily deals of all five shops and  wholesalers.


In May 2017, we opened a new shop in London, Twickemham, to serve Hungarians living in the area. We are pleased to note that local residents are also very interested in the store, especially for pastries and wines, but also Hungarian crafts like jams and homemade sausages.


By now our supplier line has been established, the most popular Hungarian brands are all in our offer. In our stores approx. you can choose between 1500-2000 products (depending on the size of our stores) and in our webshop that has been launched recently, and more than 800 products will be available. We are endeavoring to provide ongoing buyer promotions and offers. Our loyalty program is very popular, and the collected points can be used as valuable gifts. We are often involved in fairs and events with Hungarian relevance.

Our product portfolio

Pastry and confectionery

Pastries are freshly prepared every day in each of our stores, featuring the most popular Hungarian  cookies, cakes, cocoa snacks and biscuits. Confectionery, pastries (ishler, drumstick, creamy, punch slices, and many more) are usually made by exterior confectioners in the city where our stores are located, guaranteeing freshness.

Alcoholic drinks

You can choose from more than 100 kinds of alcoholic beverages with which we are the largest supplier in the UK for Hungarian  wines, sparkling wines and brandies. The assortment may vary depending on the shop size.

Fruits and vegetables, producer foods

We also try to offer seasonal Hungarian vegetables and fruits to our customers. TV paprika, hot pepper, celery and kohlrabi are on offer throughout the year, and we also sell seasonal watermelons, chestnuts and apples. We put great emphasis on the distribution of domestic and producer foods:  sausages, smoked meats,  jams, red peppers of Kalocsa,  pickles, fish soup noodles from Baja and honey producers.


Waiting for the arrival of Szafi and Norbi Update products has been a big anticipation. Our shelves are constantly filled with low carbohydrate, dietary delicacies, and we also bake Update pastries in our London store. Our Webshop has been also launched recenty.

We hope to meet you in one of our stores!

the Paprika Store team



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“The satisfied customer is the best advertising”

As a trader we know that our most important task is to serve our customers.