Frequently Asked Questions


What products can be found in the Paprika Store webshop?

We are currently distributing mostly Hungarian grocery  products among other dry products such as Abonett and Stühmer sweets.

Registration and loginIt’s NOT compulsory to register for shopping in our store, but it is recommended for multiple purchases because the benefit of the registration is that you do not have to re-enter the data for each purchase.If you want to register, you will need to enter your personal information, your name, e-mail address and password by clicking My Account. Only one registration can be made for an e-mail address. You can also register with Facebook or Google+ accounts.When submitting the registration, our system will send a letter to the specified e-mail address, which will give you information about the registration validation. This is necessary to avoid mistakes made by mistake or jokes by others. If you have validated your registration by following the link in your e-mail, then you have the option of placing an order at our store at any time. After registering – and after logging in, you can enter the Personal data, Billing and Shipping addresses in My Account menu.

If you are a registered buyer, you can enter your username and password in the fields at the top of the page and click on the [Enter] button

Can I place an order after registration?

Yes. Wait for the automatic confirmation email sent to your account and sign in with the username and password you entered during registration.

How can I place my order on your webshop? 
In case of first order, please register at the webshop by clicking on the “Registration” tab in the top right corner.
– After successful registration, go to the “Login” tab and enter your username and password. You can start shopping! 🙂
– Put the items you want to order in the correct amount in the basket.
– When you’re done shopping, click on the “My Basket” icon here to check and modify your order. In addition to the product, click on the small x to delete it from your cart. – Clicking the “Order” button will display a full payment amount plus the postage
– Click on the “Cashier” button to finalize your order. If the “Thank you for your order” text appears, you have nothing to do. – If your order has been successfully finalized, you will receive a system message indicating payment and shipping information. An electronic invoice is issued on the purchase.
– If the Service Provider fails to fulfill its contractual obligation because the contracted product is not available, you will be informed immediately and the amount you paid will be refunded without delay but within thirty days at the latest.
Do you have a search engine in the webshop?
The blank section (magnifying glass) in the top left will help you find the product you want.
How long will it take until I receive the ordered product?
Within three business days we will undertake the delivery in domestic orders from the realization of the payment (when the money is shown on the bank account).
The opening hours of our warehouse are from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 to 15:30, closed on Bank Holidays.
For example, orders received on Friday afternoon at 4 am will be delivered to the courier on Tuesday. This means that we will send the package to the courier service within 3 business days of receiving the order.
Delivery is done via the DPD  delivery service. If you do not receive notification of the delivery time within 5 business days, please email us at
How do I cancel my order?
If you would like to cancel your order, email us at as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can not delete the product delivered to courier service.
How can I change my data?
If you have changed your data, please modify the required information for the next order or under My Account (this will be available for each order).

Do the prices  in the Paprika Store webshop include the VAT?

The sales tax is already included in the prices. Only the shipping cost will be charged extra on the order.

How do I pay for my order?

We have the Payzone card payment option at our webshop. It is very important that your billing address matches the official address of your bankcard, otherwise unfortunately your order will not be delivered.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping cost is calculated on the basis of weight.Delivery is done by Hermes and DPD courier service.

Our shipping rates are as follows

:-0-5 kg: £ 5

-5-10 kg: 6 lbs

-10-15 kg: £ 7.5

-15- kg: £ 9

When is shipping free of charge?

If you order over 75 pounds, we will pay for the delivery cost so you are free of charge.

Is there a weight limit for ordering?

There is no minimum weight and the maximum ordering weight limit is 15 kg per order.

How is shipping delivered?

DPD courier service will ship the ordered products to your delivery address. The courier service will contact you via email before any delivery. After the package has been delivered to the courier service, we will notify you by email.

Is there a minimum order amount?

You can not order any value at the delivery fee (0-5 kg up to 5 pounds).

Where do we offer delivery?

Within the United Kingdom we take delivery to England, Scotland, Scottish Highlands and Islands except Walest. The shipping cost is also calculated based on weight and added to your order.

An exception is the following ZIP codes:

HS1 IV15 IV36 KA27 KW17 PA36 PA63 PH18 PH38
HS2 IV16 IV40 KA28 PA20 PA37 PA64 PH19 PH39
HS3 IV17 IV41 KW1 PA21 PA38 PA65 PH20 PH40
HS4 IV18 IV42 KW2 PA22 PA39 PA66 PH21 PH41
HS5 IV19 IV43 KW3 PA23 PA40 PA67 PH22 PH42
HS6 IV20 IV44 KW5 PA24 PA41 PA68 PH23 PH43
HS7 IV21 IV45 KW6 PA25 PA42 PA69 PH24 PH44
HS8 IV22 IV46 KW7 PA26 PA43 PA70 PH25 PH49
HS9 IV23 IV47 KW8 PA27 PA44 PA71 PH26 PH50
IV1 IV24 IV48 KW9 PA28 PA45 PA72 PH30 ZE1
IV2 IV25 IV49 KW10 PA29 PA46 PA73 PH31 ZE2
IV3 IV26 IV51 KW11 PA30 PA47 PA74 PH32 ZE3
IV10 IV27 IV52 KW12 PA31 PA48 PA75 PH33
IV11 IV28 IV53 KW13 PA32 PA49 PA76 PH34
IV12 IV30 IV54 KW14 PA33 PA60 PA77 PH35
IV13 IV31 IV55 KW15 PA34 PA61 PA78 PH36
IV14 IV32 IV56 KW16 PA35 PA62 PH17 PH37

BT1 BT12 BT23 BT34 BT45 BT57 BT70 BT92 IM8
BT2 BT13 BT24 BT35 BT46 BT60 BT71 BT93 IM9
BT3 BT14 BT25 BT36 BT47 BT61 BT74 BT94 IM99
BT4 BT15 BT26 BT37 BT48 BT62 BT75 BT99 TR21
BT5 BT16 BT27 BT38 BT49 BT63 BT76 IM1 TR22
BT6 BT17 BT28 BT39 BT51 BT64 BT77 IM2 TR23
BT7 BT18 BT29 BT40 BT52 BT65 BT78 IM3 TR24
BT8 BT19 BT30 BT41 BT53 BT66 BT79 IM4 TR25
BT9 BT20 BT31 BT42 BT54 BT67 BT80 IM5
BT10 BT21 BT32 BT43 BT55 BT68 BT81 IM6
BT11 BT22 BT33 BT44 BT56 BT69 BT82 IM7

What should I do if the product is damaged?

We will do our best to protect the products during shipping however if you received a damaged product,  please let us know within 5 days (, with a photo of the damaged product and packaging.

We wish you a pleasant look and purchase! 🙂

the Paprika Store team